We live in an age where the past is not so much a foreign country as a constant invader. Old records that once would have taken a lifetime to track down are available on YouTube, artists you thought had gone away are virtually banging on your door to be let in, and for once it's easier to be an old rocker with fanbase than a new act (discuss).



One such beneficiary of what I'm calling postalgiais Pete Bite, producer and songwriter (he was responsible for a very good John Howard single). 

Not entirely a household name, Bite has been recording since 1975 though The Basement Tapes (not that one) wasn't recorded until 1991. Which is odd, because it's a strong melodic pop-rock collection that would have sounded perfect in the closing overs of power-pop back in '79.


Nevertheless, it's great to hear it now, with songs like She cuts through and Missing you displaying punch and melody, while a forceful version of Whiskey In The Jar nods to Bite's Irish roots. Another welcome visitor from a no-longer-lost past.




BITE Nite The new PETE BITE 'Live' album is released on CD and the usual Downloads from March 2019 and was recorded at The Blues Kitchen, London. With his backing band, Stephane Bourquin - Guitar, Artur King - Bass, Brendan O'Neill - Drums and backing singers, Milena Lainovic and Lisabel Biscaldi. 


PETE BITE became known for prolific, versatile song writing. He has had many artists, well-known and not-so-well known, record his songs over the 70's and 80's. As he stepped out onto the stage with an air of gravitas for his debut at the Blues Kitchen, Camden, London the crowd immediately gave out a cheer. His jovial patter introduced a polished, consummated performance opening with 'Peekaboo Love'  (a hit for Ian Mitchell in Japan 1980) and with his band gave a tight, foot stomping performance. There was no let-up of energy as Bite dominated the stage helped with his backing singers adding perfect harmonies to already catchy tunes. He belted out some of his songs from his 1980's album '...clearly misunderstood' and his 2017 album 'The Basement Tapes'.


"I've written all these songs over the years, playing around styles and sounds," Bite admitted to me which only emphasizes his unparalleled versatility. "I hope I haven't disappointed". And the audience were certainly not disappointed on that October night 2016. Bite left the stage shouting 'Thank you' as we heard the crowd yelling for more.